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In Touch With France

Contacting France made easy

French Property Management - Interpreting - Translation 



Interpreting / Phone / Letters & E-mail contacts to solve issues on your behalf:

£20.00 per hour (Minimum charge of £15.00).

Included in the price are the cost of the call(s) and a summary report along with any further requirements identified.


Interpretation for business meetings:

£20.00 per hour (Minimum charge of £20.00)

+ Travelling time @ £8.00 per hour

+ Mileage @ £0.40 per mile


Translation of letters / documents / E-mails:

£70 per 1,000 words (Minimum charge of £20.00) – to give an idea: a single page letter is often in the region of 500 words and thus IRO £35.00


Transcription / proof Reading:

£20.00 per hour (Minimum charge of £15.00)



*Rates correct as at 15th June 2015