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Taxe Foncière & Taxe d'Habitation

Posted 20/11/2015

Every year in October and November, the Taxe Foncière and the Taxe d'Habitation need to be paid.

The Taxe Foncière is a land tax payable by the owner of a property. The difference with the Taxe d'Habitation is the fact that the payment which is still due in full by who ever owned the property on the 1st of January, will be calculated on a pro-rota basis between the existing owner and the new one. The new owner will have to pay the pro-rota of the Tax to the notary who will then credit the account of the previous owner.

The tax is  collected annually in arrears; the tax notice is  usually sent in September and should be paid by mid-october.

The Taxe d'Habitation which is a local tax payable on habitable buildings ; so if it is furnished and supplied with water and electricity, is paid by the person who is living permanently in the property. The occupant of the property on the 1st day of January is liable for paying this tax even if the property is only used occasionally. So if you bought a property in the course of this year, the previous owner would be responsible for paying the Taxe d'Habitation this year as they would have been living in the property on the 1st January. However if you sold your property in the course of this year, you will be responsible for paying the Taxe d'Habitation.

The tax is also collected annually in arrears; the tax notice is usually sent in October and should be paid by mid-november.

Paiements: There are several ways of paying the taxes; it can be paid by cash, by cheque, by TIP, by bank transfer or with a monthly direct debit, a debit on the due date and even online

Celebrating the 14th July across France

Posted 9/7/2015

The 14th July which is the French National day, also called Bastille Day in English-speaking countries, commemorates the anniversary of the French revolution with the storming on the Bastille in 1789 and the beginning of the French revolution but above all as this is not so well known, commemorates the unity of the French people at the Fête de la Fédération a year later in 1790.

 But it is only a century later in 1880 that the commemoration of the 14th July begins and that the Marseillaise becomes the national hymn. This is nowadays a Bank holiday.

 Public celebrations are attended across France, the main one being the military parade in Paris but also musical performance and balls such as “les bals du 14 Juillet” and spectacular fireworks displays.

 So where will you be celebrating?...

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